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Disability Tax Refund Experts

Steps to receiving your Disability Tax Refund

1. You can submit a form on the Get Started Now page or you can Contact Us directly for a free consultation. This will provide us with basic information about the nature of your disability or that of the affected person in your family, allowing us to assess your eligibility for the Disability Tax Refund.

2. We send you a Client Agreement that contains an outline of our mutual responsibilities and authorizes us to represent you during Disability Tax Refund application process. Once we receive the Agreement, we will evaluate your case and determine how to maximize your refund.

3. We send you a Certificate that must be completed by a family doctor, who can comment on the duration and effects of the impairment. The certificate is filled out during an appointment with your physician.

4. Completed Certificate is returned to our office. We prepare your claim and tax adjustment. Then, we meet you at our office to review the completed application prior to forwarding it to the Canada Revenue Agency for processing. 

5. We will monitor the entire process of your application evaluation online and keep you updated until you receive your refund cheque in the mail. This normally takes 6-12 weeks after submission. 

6. You pay our service fee once you get your cheque from the government. Remember, you pay nothing until you receive your Disability Tax Refund.

Other assistance we provide:

  • Should your doctor have difficulty completing the Certificate or have any questions, we can assist them directly (with your consent).
  • If for any reason your application in rejected by Canada Revenue Agency, we will appeal your case.